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Posture and Movement Training


Posture and Movement Training is a surefooted method to improving and maintaining posture, muscular health and structure, and overall wellness.  You can improve your current status or even use this service to aid the longevity of massage, chiropractic and other wellness services results.  How you MOVE is how you LIVE.  It can add pain or decrease it, can be powerful or weak, uncomfortable or graceful.  Movement is your body, in a position, and responding in performance at every moment!

ROM evaluation and assessment
Assessment & Evaluation

Each new client is required to complete an extensive health history questionnaire.  Assessment time will allow us to review this information as well as evaluate posture, range of movement, and movement quality, that will offer us pertinent information to develop an effective plan to meet your needs.  

Stretching technique
Posture Training and Techniques

We spend 100% of our day in posture, or pattern that we hold ourselves.  Most pain can be attributed to how we stand, lean, sit and lie; and as a result, in the USA

  • 90% of adults experience back pain at some point in their lives.

  • Back pain is now the leading cause of disability in people under 45 years old.

  • By age 15, more than 60% of all adolescents have experienced back and/or neck pain.

Relearn and establish healthier posture for a happy healthy body.

Strength exercise Bridge
Movement Training

As we age, our bodies become less flexible and agile or develop poor patterns of movement.  Sometimes we will  begin to underutilize our bodies to a point of detriment, such as being able to rotate your head while driving for safe passing of cars.  (It's unfortuante to consider the worst situation.). Circumstances such as these require an effective approach such as movement training to regain your body's capacity for movement and function.   I can provide healthful strategies and exercises to regain your body's movement capacity.  

Stability and Mobility exercise
Stability & Mobility

Stability and Mobility create pertinent balance when it comes to the body's ability to move while being strong and supportive.  A routine can be developed for you to follow regularly, improving your overall fitness level.  The emphasis is  about MOVEMENT of your body, while calorie burning can be a benefit, this is not the focus nor body shaping.  The programs will be focused around body weight exercise or inexpensive equipment (based on the clients preference).  This can be then performed on your own time at home, or at the gym, or while traveling. 

Fitness Consultation and Health Assessment
Fitness Consulation

If you are not sure of your fitness needs but would like to improve your health status, I have been in the fitness industry for 18 years and taught hundreds of young adults to become instructors and fitness leaders.  I have a wide variety and breadth of knowledge and resources to help you identify an effective route to better health.  We will discuss your interests,  obstacles and status to determine a match that would meet your budget, fun and betterment meter!

Flexibility, Stretch for health
Stretch for Health

Flexibility is the key to aging, so we want to make sure you are keeping your body supple and flexible.  We can perform 30, 45 or 1 hour stretching sessions in which I can manipulate and engage the elasticity for an amazing elongating session.  Stretching can be used for recovery, flexibility improvement, and overall health.  I can also teach you how to stretch on your own and could include use of bands, fit balls or foam rollers.

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